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Adrian High Chronicles

Month of October


Meet the Exchange Students

Hayley Au

 Federico Rinero


Homecoming WeekLet the Fun Begin

Behind the ScenesHeidi Purnell


Changing the Rules—Hayley Au

Submitted by: Ssanja Kleps [Germany]

The first time I met this Asian girl, she was quiet, but looked friendly. After only two months, I know her better. She is such a nice person; I am very glad that she will spend her time here in Adrian because you can have a lot of fun with her. That quiet and a little bit shy girl from the beginning... She is totally gone! 

區樂希 (Au Lok Hay) that is Hayley Au’s real name, she came the long way from Hong Kong to Adrian. Hayley likes reading in her free time and hanging out with her friends and family, but a lot things changed from her life in Hong Kong to her life in Adrian.

She lived in Hong Kong in a high rise apartment (24 floors) with her parents and her big brother Royce. Now she stays in a big house, and one of her big wishes came true, she cannot have a dog in Hong Kong, because they have not enough space for any pets. She came here, and now she enjoys having two dogs all the time.

But not just the living in Hong Kong is different, also the school. Wearing school uniforms, tying the hair back for girls and no nail polish, are just some rules in Hayley’s school in Hong Kong.

She will stay here for the next two years as an International student at Adrian High School. She went to school last year for a half year in Oklahoma, and she had a lot of fun there; however, she wanted to go to a bigger school, and her brother was here in Adrian last year. So she decided to come to Adrian to graduate. She really likes it here, she said the people are very friendly, passionate and outgoing, this means that they came to her and talked to her. 


She really likes it that the students here are so interested in sports, and they play them very well. 


She is playing volleyball on the jv team right now, and she really enjoys it. She is very sad that the volleyball season will end so soon.

After volleyball, she will try basketball and softball, but she is not sure that she will like to play these kinds of sports. 

After her graduation in the United States, Hayley plans also to go to college here, like her big brother. She wants to study hotel management and after that, she wants to work in different hotels to get experience and hopefully she can own a hotel. 

“Good luck Hayley, I know that you can do that! And all people, who know you, like me (or better than me) know that you can do that too. And I am very glad that you will stay here, and chose Adrian for your school, for the next two years!” 

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Wanting something Different

Submitted by: Tasha Garner

Andiamo a mangiarci una pizza? Federico Rinero from Italy came to Adrian High school to experience the culture and to improve his English. And yes, he loves Pizza. He is playing football and thinks that it is hard, very physical and kind of confusing. Federico wants to make friends, better his English, have fun and make lots of memories to bring back home.  

He wasn’t expecting to go on the advanced biology trip but he loved the experience. “Getting to see the bears, at the exhibit, were probable one of my favorite things.” He wishes he could have seen them in the wild. He got to know everyone that when pretty good. I mean how couldn’t you with eight hours on the bus there and back and four days with the same people.  

  Federico is also known as Fred. He loves lunch, which would be his favorite “class.” But for his favorite teacher that would be Ms. Myers. He says that she is easy to follow and is fun to be in class with. Coming to a small school was a choice he had to make; he believes that he made the right chose because know it is easier to get to know people. It is also a bigger experience because he came from a big school and wanted something different. 

With the good experiences come the bad. He hates vegetables and peanut butter. In Italy they eat peanut salt as a snack with salty food and here…we eat it with sweats. He does like pizza but American pizza is not his favorite. Fred likes most things but the one thing in America that he especially doesn’t like is PEANUT BUTTER!  

His mom, Paola has been a stay at home mom his whole life. When he was little he enjoyed watching T.V. and going to the movies. His father, Riccardo is an agente di commercio also known as a salesman. His father and he enjoyed playing soccer together. He also has a 13 year old sister and they fight, as all siblings do.  

Fred appears to have made the transition in to an American student, especially in photography. He loves chasing girls and kicking footballs he fights right in!    Read phonetically  

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Behind the scenes—Heidi Purnell

Submitted by: Bekah VanCorbach

Four years ago, our community welcomed the Purnell family to our rural school district.  Since that time, Heidi Purnell, wife of Principal Kevin Purnell, has come to be known as a person who can be counted on to offer support to anyone who needs it. From picking up concession supplies for the senior class, to helping make breakfast for the staff, Heidi can often be found working behind the scenes and is truly “An Invisible Hero”.  
  Twenty three years ago, Heidi married Kevin Purnell, our Adrian High School principle. They met in college and then continued to date for five years. When they were first married they did not want kids, but that all changed when McKenzie was born five years later. After the arrival of McKenzie, four more rugrats occupied the McKenzie houselholdBlake, Madison, and finally, Kenny.  

Heidi went to high school in Grand Coulee, Washington. She grew up right next to the lake, “It was so nice to just walk down to the lake when we wanted to.” said Heidi. While Heidi was growing up she too had invisible heroes. The individual she looked up to most was her dad. Through hard times he was always trying to be positive. Her pastor was another invisible hero to her. Her pastor and his wife were like her second parents. They guided her through the tough times in her life. They even drove her to her first year of College. Last, but not least, her English professor at Fresno Pacific also was her hero: She taught Heidi how to contact guest speakers for big events. Her English professor also took Heidi to pick out a wedding dress. 

After college and marriage, Heidi spent her time substitute teaching. She says, “When I was subbing, I heard a lot of kids telling me about their relationships with their parents.” She decided that her kids needed her too, so she changed her direction from substitute teaching to just volunteering at the school. She loved to just help out during sports and meet new kids.  

What troubles Heidi at school is when the kids don’t realize how important their education is. “But this is not too big of a problem at Adrian”, She says.

Personal goals Heidi wishes to accomplish in Adrian is to get to know the kids and be apart of all of their lives. She would also like the kids to feel like they are cared about and know someone is there for them. 

I can guarantee that you will see Heidi at the next school event, working behind the scenes and supporting our school and community.


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Let the Fun Begin

Submitted by: Chelsey Heller

Homecoming is finally here! A week filled with Power Buff, Powder Puff, dressing incredibly crazy and finally a dance to finish it out. 

"I’m seeing doubles!!” Students say as they look around the halls. So many people wearing the same clothes, same hairstyle, and even same shoes for clone day. Even with all the confusion the Sophomores and Seniors pulled themselves together for the Power Buff game. The slightly less experienced the Sophomores pulled through knocking the Seniors out of the bracket. 

Barbie/Action Figure Day was another success. Cowgirl Barbie, Business Barbie, Woody from Toy Story and so much more! Setting their boots and hats aside the Juniors and the Freshman (who were helped by the Sophomores) supplied a very entertaining match to the rest of the school. We all sat at the edge of our seat as the first year Freshman won the game. 
Clonies Ssanja Kleps and Hayley Au

A Barbie Doll collection of  Amber Mazac, Lynne VanCorbach, Autumn Snyder, Bekah VanCorbach, and Ssanja Kleps.   Ken and Barbi look a-likes: Carla Combe, Mark Ishida, Lizzy Furtado, Tiiffiny Marquez, Kurtis Nielson, Matt Sneider, and Hayley Au.

Walkers and gray hair, wrinkles and out of style clothes, everyone has aged about 50 years! Heading back into the gym as the Sophomores and Freshman (Helped by the Juniors this time) fought to win the championship game. Although they played hard the Freshman team was defeated by the focused and determined Sophomores.  

Finally the day everyone is waiting for, Buzzing Bees, Pirates, Camouflage, and Antelope Magic, what will the classes think of next? As the classes line up for the annual parade the judges take their places waiting to determine this years float winners. The Seniors with 70 Years of Antelope Magic made a big impression but ultimately the Sophomores with the Crunch Em’ theme took first place for the second year in a row. 

The game everyone’s been waiting for is finally here, Staff versus Sophomores. The Sophomores battled with much noticed intensity but it wasn’t enough to beat the still Undefeated Staff. 

After the parade everyone met in the gym for the pep assembly. Elementary cheers, our first male cheerleaders (Stuntmen as they call themselves), and the most fun you could have with raw eggs. 

The girls quickly leave their friends and change into their Powder Puff gear, getting ready for the most exciting game of the year. Classes are evenly divided between the two teams, White versus Green. The White Team blocked, attacked, and tugged as the quickly beat the Green Team with a final score of 36-14. The annual bonfire concluded the day’s activities.   
Dulce Beltran gets outside in the annual Powder Puff football game. Other players areJasper Snyder [2], Madi Purnell, and Ester Gordon.

Friday began with the volleyball game against Burnt River and the football game against Union. The Lady Lopes had a very successful night against the Burnt River Bulls winning another game for the season. The moment everyone has been waiting for, Homecoming Coronation, was the highlight at half-time. Ester Gordon was crowned Queen along with David Stones as the King. Just as successful as the volleyball team the football team dominated the field taking another win. 

After everyone cleaned themselves up for the homecoming dance they worked their way down to the cafeteria. Strobe lights, crazy music, and amazing people created an exciting night for all attendants. 

Building floats, playing games, dressing as a Barbie Doll, or just coming to our events everyone knows how amazing and exciting homecoming week is! 

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Lady ‘Lopes remain undefeated in league

The Enterprise

The Adrian volleyball team added three more High Desert League wins this past week end by defeating Prairie City, Long Creek and Crane in three sets each.           

On Oct. 15, they downed the Panthers at Prairie City 25-21, 25-20 and 25-17. 

“We were a little sluggish but finished with the W,” said Adrian coach Aimee Goss.           

Stats: Madison Shira, 12 kills, three assists; Madi Purnell, three kills, 12 assists three digs; Annie Bowns, five kills, three digs; Ester Gordon, four kills.           

The Lady ‘Lopes played both Long Creek and Crane last Saturday.           

Scores against Long Creek were 25-3, 25-11 and 25-7.      

Long Creek is a new volleyball team in our league, and they struggled to keep up with the pace of the game,” said Goss.           

Stats: Shira, four kills, two assists; Purnell, four kills, four assists; Gordon, four kills; Jessica Morton, three kills.  

The second match of Saturday’s doubleheader saw Adrian come-up against a though team from Crane.           

“We played well tonight,” said Goss. “Every player contributed and played their position with a lot of intensity, and that is what it takes to beat a very good team like Crane. Awesome crowd support, and the girls were really pumped for this match.”           

Stats: Shira, five kills, eight assists, two aces; Purnell, three kills, five assists, four aces; Bowns, three kills, two aces, two block kills; Gordon, two block kills, five aces.           

Adrian is now14-3 overall and 8-0 in league. This week they travel to Mitchell and Spray on Friday, Oct. 22, to finish HDL play.      

Madi Purnell prepares to send a kill as Tasha Garner [8], Madison Shira, and Jessica Morton [4] watch the play.

Nicole Orosco hits the hardwood in digging a serve. Lady 'Lope libero Chelsey Heller passes a serve  as Madison Shira [15] and Madi Purnell [8] look on.

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Adrian wins on the road

Malheur Enterprise 

The Adrian football team traveled to Prairie City Oct. 15 and returned home with a 58-20 wins over the Panthers. 

Neither team was successful in its passing game, but between the two they rushed for 882 yards

Jeremy Price of Adrian led all rushers with 292 yards on 20 carries. 

“We played good defense,” said Adrian head coach Paul Shenk. “Offensively, we were a little more consistent than Prairie City and converted on fourth down.” 

The first-quarter score was close with the Antelopes holding a narrow 8-6 lead. Jeremy Price scored from the five to begin the scoring, and Blake Purnell ran in the conversion. The Panther answered with a 42-yard run, but the conversion failed. 

Adrian scored twice to the Panther’s single touchdown in the second period. Price ran in from the seven, followed by a Mark Ishida conversion run. Then Ishida scored from the five. Prairie City had five-yard run and conversion for a halftime score of 22-14. 

The Panthers were the first to strike in the third, scoring on a seven-yard run. Adrian responded with a Price 25-yard touchdown run and a five-yard run by Ishida for a score. 

Both conversions were successful as Price ran the ball in and then Purnell passed to Davis Stones. The scores was 38-20. 

Adrian’s defense buckled down in the final stanza, holding the Panthers scoreless while the Antelope offense tacked on three more scores. Price had a 37-yard run, and Kurt Nielson accounted for two long TDs. 

Adrian, now tied for league lead with Crane, will be on the road Thursday, Oct. 22, playing Mitchell/Spray.

Adrian 8 14 16 20 58  
Prairie City 6 8 6 0 20  

Rushing: AD 36-497, Price 20-292, Nielson 2-132, Purnell 7-39, Ishida 7-34; PC 78-385.
Passing: AD, Purnell, 1-4-(-4); PC 1-8-30.
Receiving: AD, Price 1-(-4).
First downs: AD 20; PC 22.
Penalties: AD 2-10; PC 7-55.

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Lady ‘Lopes win in HDL

Malheur Enterprise

The Adrian volleyball team defeated Monument/Dayville at home on Oct. 7 in three sets.  Scores were 25-23 and 25-16.

"Monument/Dayville had some tough serves, and they really rallied in the second game,” said Adrian head coach Aimee Goss.  “We finally got the momentum on our side and are happy with another league win.”

Stats:  Madison Purnell, three kills, six assists; Madison Shira, seven kills, four aces, four assists; Ester Gordon, two kills, one ace; Jessica Morton, four aces.

Adrian’s next match is at home on Thursday, Oct. 14, when they host Rimrock.  Their next High Desert League contest will be Friday, Oct. 15, at Prairie City.  On Saturday, Oct. 16, they will host Ukiah and Long Creek in further HDL action.

Lady 'Lope Ester Gordon challenges at the net.

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Adrian Mauls Monument/Dayville

Malheur Enterprise 

The Adrian football team jumped to a 29-0 first-quarter lead en route to a 75-22 drubbing of the Monument/Dayville Tigers in an Oct. 7 game played at Adrian. 

Kurt Nielsen scored on a 55-yard run to give the Antelopes their first touchdown. Blake Purnell then carried in the conversion.  

  Purnell then had his hand in Adrian’s next three TDs. The first was an eight-yard run, with Mark Ishida carrying in the conversion. Purnell then passed to Paxton Shira for a two-yard score. Purnell also scored on a 46-yard run, with Fredrico Rinero kicking the point after. 

MD scored early in the second quarter on a 31-yard run and conversion. 
Quarterback Blake Purnell picks up a first down with a huge gain as Mark Ishida [12] provides a block.

The Antelopes promptly answered with a Purnell to David Stones eight-yard passing touchdown and Purnell to Shira conversion pass. 

MD scored on a 55-yard pass play. 

Adrian chalked up three more TDs in the half. 

Purnell had runs of six yards, and one yard for scores, and Ishida made a 23-yard scoring run. Nielson carried in two conversions, and Rinero kicked a PAT. 

Nielson opened second half by scoring on a 34-yard run for Adrian. Rinero Kicked the PAT. 

MD answered with a nine-yard strike and conversion pass. 

The Antelopes final TDs came on a 50-yard run by Leo Munoz and a safety by Nathan Meyer. 

  Fullback Leo Munoz secures the ball as he finds a gap in the defense.

Adrian will play at Prairie City on Friday, Oct. 15, in a High Desert League contest. 

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Lady ‘Lopes undefeated in league

Malheur Enterprise 

The Adrian volleyball team met some resistance from the Lady Bulls of Burnt River at home on Oct.1 but still won in three games. Scores were 25-19, 25-13 and 25-18.

Above: Madison Shirs puts down one of her nine kills for the game. Left: Carla Combe stuffs at the net for a point.

“Burnt River served really tough, while we struggle on the service line,” said Adrian coach Aimee Goss. “We attacked the ball very well and every player contributed, which I am happy to see.”

Annie Bowns had five kills; Madison Purnell had two kills and four assists, and Madison Shira had nine kills and five assists.

The Antelopes’ record is now 8-3 overall and 4-0 in High Desert League play.

Adrian will host Monument/Dayville on Thursday, Oct. 7, and then play at Liberty on Tuesday, Oct. 12.

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Homecoming Court  

Adrian High 2010 Homecoming Court [front row l-r]: Jasper Snyder , Sophomore representative; Leo Munoz, Sophomore representative; Shantell Baxter, Freshmen representative; Tony Gomez, Freshmen representative; Alysha Sifuentes, Junior representative; James Niccum, Junior representative. Senior representatives [back row l-r]: Faith Livas, Seth Maxwell, Queen Ester Gordon, King David Stones, Tommy Miller, LaRae Mazac.


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Antelopes run over Bobcats 

Malheur Enterprise 

Adrian’s football team hosted the Union Bobcats Oct. 1 for their homecoming game. The Antelopes took a decisive 36-0 first-quarter lead as they rushed for 552 yards, earning 22 first downs to Union’s 13, on the way to a 76-30 thumping of the Bobcats. 

Jeremy Price scored the first two touchdowns for Adrian on runs of 37 and 29 yards. Blake Purnell carried in the conversion on the first TD. Purnell passed to Paxton Shira in a 40-yard play that was capped off by a Mark Ishida conversion run. Price then scampered 45 yards with Federico Rinero kicking the point after. The final score of the opening quarter came on an Ishida 18-yard run and Rinero kick.   
  Federico Rinero splits the uprights for a conversion kick.

Union scored twice in the second quarter on a 22-yard run and a 30-yard pass play. The Antelopes answered with a Purnell 23-yard run. At the half, Adrian was up 42-14. 

Union struck twice in the third, one of which was a fumble recovery in the end zone. The Antelopes found pay dirt three times themselves. Purnell had a 65-yard scoring run as well as a 22-yard run with Rinero kicking a PAT on Adrian’s first score of the third quarter. Price scored from six yards out and then carried in the conversion to put the Antelopes up 63-30.

  The Adrian defense shut Union down in the Final quarter while the offense scored twice. Kurt Nielson ran in from the five, and Purnell and Shira combined on a 20-yard pass play. 

will be at home again this week hosting High desert League opponent Monument/Dayville on Thursday night, Oct. 7.
Thomas Shenk follows the block of Mark Ishida [12] for a first down.  

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Adrian Still Rolling through League

Malheur Enterprise

The Adrian volleyball tournament played two High Desert League matches in Huntington this past week and defeated Harper and Huntington to improve their league record to 3-0.  

Scores against Harper were 25-16, 25-16, and 25-14. 

The Lady ‘Lopes then defeated Huntington in four games, 25-4, 25-9, 22-25, 25-21.

“We had a few lapses tonight but finished the matches nicely,” said Adrian coach Aimee Goss. “We played some different combinations and rotations, and it was good to see how the girls would work through the changes.”           

Stat Leaders: Madison Shira, 17 assists, 13 kills; Madison Purnell, 17 assists, 7 kills; Ester Gordon, 13 kills.           

On Saturday, Adrian played at the Cambridge tournament and won three of four matches (best of three). They defeated Council 25-21, 25-16, Meadows Valley 25-23, 25-22 and Horshoe Bend 25-19, 25-22. Their only loss was to Tri-Valley by scores of 10-25 and 23-25.           

“We finished second in the tournament, and I was pleased with our play as a team,” said Goss. “We also made more substitutions, and I was really happy with the play from the bench.”           

Stats for the Day: Purnell, 17 kills, 5 assists, 4 aces; Shira, 22 kills, 14 assists, 5 aces; and Annie Bowns, 14 kills, 4 aces.           

Adrian’s overall record is now 7-3.           

Adrian will host Burnet River on Friday, Oct. 1, in HDL play. 

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Adrian overwhelms HH

Malheur Enterprise 

Despite at 66-18 loss to Adrian, Harper-Huntington coach Tyler Shafer said “We showed a lot of improvement” nothing it was the little things that proved to be the problem. That, and their inability to stop Jeremy Price, who scored on HH four times rushing for 251 yards on the day. 

The two teams exchanged touchdowns with Price scoring from the 11 and the HH’s Brad Twyman scoring on a 98-yard run. Neither team converted, and the score was tied at six. The Antelopes regained the lead on Price 28-yard run and Mark Ishida conversion. 

Adrian tacked on four unanswered scores in the second to take a 38-6  halftime lead. Price scored from the 11, Ishida from the fur, Kevin Mitchell accounted for a safety and Paxton Shira threw an 11-yard pass to David Stones. Ishida and Price both had conversion runs in the second.

scored early in the third on a 39-yard run from Shira and an Ishida conversion. 

HH then scored twice in the quarter. The first was a Blake Wiley to Matt Domain 45-yard pass play, and the second was a 53-yard fumble return by Devin Merritt. 
  Adrian's defense stuffs a play for no gain as the Antelopes improved to 2- 0 in league play.

The Antelopes scored two more times in third on a Price 35-yard run and Shira 10-yard run with an Ishida conversion run after the first TD. 


The final score of the game was a 34-yard run by Stones. I felt our kids executed pretty good,” said Adrian coach Paul Shenk.

“Our blocking was really, really good.” Other than a couple of breakdowns on defense and a couple of fourths downs he felt should have been converted, Shenk was pleased with the overall play of the Antelopes. 

Adrian will host Union in a nonleague game on Friday, Oct. 1. The Bobcats have dropped down from 2A to 1A this year. “I expect them to be really tough,” said Shenk.


Tight end David Stones takes a reverse for a score.
Tony Gomez pursues down the line. Kevin Mitchell sacks HH's quarterback for a loss.

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