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Meet the Exchange Students

Gina Chien Marie Makepeace Un Choi

AHS Senior Project hits students with "real emotion"

Homecoming Week 2011



Happy with my assignment—Gina Chien

Submitted by: James Niccum

Education is not only for the beginning of your life its something you do your whole life. It takes leaving everything and everyone behind to begin that journey, sometimes. Like most teenagers today we have a lot on our minds. Food, friends, sports, sleep and music are the general thoughts processed. Not until we hit our senior year do we begin to compose our future. However, there are instances when a teenager decides to begin their future at a much younger age, such as Gina Chien. 

Sixteen-year-old Gina knows all too well about leaving everything behind. Before arriving at Adrian high as a foreign exchange student from Taiwan with a school population of 2000, Gina was unaware of the density of Adrian, Oregon. While living in Taiwan, Gina enjoyed many things such as: playing piano, singing, computer games, shopping, and eating/cooking. Her family includes her father, who is a technology engineer, mother, a piano teacher, and her 18-year-old sister now in college.  

Since moving to Adrian Gina has been active in volleyball, and plans on participating in all the other sports Adrian has to offer. When asked what the main reason was for becoming a foreign exchange student she explained it was mostly to better her English (even though she sounds sufficiently fluent). After graduating, Gina is not sure yet but wants to become either a Airline steward, Pharmacist, or Elementary Teacher. Since relocating here in Adrian, Gina was home sick during the first few weeks, but now has grown more accustomed to America and what it has to offer.

Throughout her journey in Adrian Oregon, Gina will acquire many new skills and have mastered the English language by terms end. Although it may be hard to have left her family and friends, it’s for the greater good of her future. She wants to become a teacher, pharmacist, or even Airline steward—Adrian has a lot to offer and help with her goals.

Although Gina stated she did not get to choose her destination for the exchange student experience, she is very happy with her assignment to Adrian. We are happy to have Gina as part of our school and community and wish her a pleasurable experience.

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A Walk in the Park--Marie Makepeace

Submitted by: Maddy Pendergrass

Marie Louise Makepeace is a new addition to our Adrian student body, and great addition at that. Marie comes to us from Freising, Germany. Although she comes from Germany, she was actually born in Austria. Since she has arrived to Adrian she has made herself at home with her new host family—the Barrazas.

When asked how Adrian compares to her hometown of Freising she simply replied that it is nice, and she enjoys it here. She also said that her hometown is more modern, so there are more possibilities to go shopping or go to the movies. She added that are also more possibilities as far as college opportunities because of the large school population. When asked which she prefers more her hometown or Adrian she replied, my hometown simply because it is larger, and mainly because my family is there. She also pointed out that Freising also exhibits nature opportunities, where you can talk a walk in the park if necessary.  
  Marie (center) enjoys some school time with fellow exchange students Sophia (left) and Gina (right).

The Adrian school district In comparison to the schools on Freising she said is very comparable. The level is very close to the same. The length of the school days in Freising varies from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. from In Marie’s free time she enjoys doing a variety of different activities. She enjoys walking her dog in the park, as well as going swimming when the weather is nice. She also enjoys spending time with her friends and going to the movies. As far as participating in sports, Marie usually plays basketball but since she go the opportunity to play volleyball here, she said that she really enjoyed it. Therefore, when she returns home she will most likely play volleyball instead of basketball. Marie’s favorite thing about attending Adrian High School is our Mascot—the Antelope. She says she thinks that it is very creative and original.

Marie stated her favorite American dish that she really enjoys eating pizza, even though it is technically an Italian dish. Her favorite food from her hometown is anything that her mother cooks, she made sure to emphasis that. The thing that she misses most about home is her family, she says that she really enjoys it here, but she misses her mom and dad. If Marie could be any candy bar in the entire world, she would be anything that has chocolate because it is DELICIOUS.  If she could be any animal she would be a bird, because they can fly and see “way more” than we can. One thing that Marie wanted to add was that one day she wants to do something extreme, like go bungee jumping.

Welcome Marie—may your adventures at Adrian be as exciting as bungee jumping.

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A Deer in the Headlights—Un Chon

Submitted by: Janeth Santiago

Coming to a new country, learning a new language, meeting new friend and teachers is usually the start of a new begging. The start of a new life at another country means making new memories and new charitable moments with a new family a new home can some times be hard. Try having a real change in life and learning new things that may seem out of your niche Un Chon a student at Adrian high school regardless of the change to a new niche he plans to have many memories too take back home to Korea.

Have you heard of any one who plans to kill a deer with a bb gun well Un Chon will attempt this massacre. With having no biology background on what a deer looks like he plans to go hunting with his new family in Adrian, Oregon.

  Un, a sixteen year old student from Korea, made the decision to come to America to better his English. He studied English for two years in Korea, and is hoping to understand and learn more about our language. Un stated his biology course has been one his top struggles at Adrian High to understand the English language. He is also interested in knowing more about the animals that surround Adrian.

After coming to Adrian he discovered that coming here he did not have look like everyone, he felt he had more of a freedom because he has the opportunity to express himself as he is accustomed to wearing school uniforms. He also is fascinated about our time hour schedules due to the fact that we are in school eight hours instead of the required daily fourteen hours of Korean schools. "Being in school for such an extended length of time was not really not fun," said Un, but coming here and getting the change to switch classes instead of staying in the same classroom has been a welcome change. He enjoys every class he has here in Adrian high school he plans to further his education in the United States of America. 

Un got home sick for the first week of school he said he misses his family and friends what he misses the most is Korean rice due to the fact that our American rice is bigger and longer compared to the Korean rice being smaller and tiny. He really enjoy American food he like to eat lunch at school specially hamburgers. 

His future plans in Adrian are to play baseball and write more stories in Mr. Tolman creative writing, he also plans to have many friends by the time he returns back home. He really enjoys everyone’s friendliness and he really enjoys having funny teachers such as Mr. Johnson. 

Un resembled a "deer in the headlights" his first week of school in America--somewhat scared. Becoming more comfortable with the English language and getting to know the students and staff has helped Un become more comfortable in his new setting of Adrian High. Everyone hopes you have an enjoyable experience at AHS and don’t forget the face paint for your deer hunting adventure.

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AHS Senior Project hits students with “real emotion” 

Owyhee Avalanche 

In an emotion filled gymnasium, Maddy Pendergrass used the strongest influence on a teenager’s choices—their peers—to explain why making the right decisions is important. 

Pendergrass wrapped up the physical project portion of her Senior Project at Adrian High School last week with her Every 15 Minutes production. 

“It is good to have this done,” Pendergrass said. “I have put in a lot of hoard work with a lot of support from people in the surrounding communities. I just hope that the presentation impacted everyone who took part in it.” 

Along with the AHS student body, three busloads of Homedale students crammed into the high school gym in Adrian to take part in the campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of drunk driving.  

The two-hour program kicked off with a video depicting three students attending a bonfire, becoming intoxicated and leaving to pick up more alcohol. In between the scenes of the teenagers, teacher Kelsey Zimmerman and students Chelsey Heller leave the school after a parents-teacher conference.           

Following the video, students were ushered onto Ward Field where a crash scene was staged. The “drunk driver,” AHS senior Mark Ishida, had collided with a van driven by Zimmerman.

  "I started to tear up while I was out there on the field during the crash reenactment,” Ishida said. “This was an intense situation to be in. Seeing what could have been real play out on the field really hit me.”            A recorded 911 call was played requesting emergency personnel to arrive. Deputies form the Malheur County Sheriff’s Office dove onto the track with lights and sirens running and were shortly followed by the first-responders from Adrian Quick Response Unit and Treasure Valley Paramedics from Ontario, OR.
Mark Ishida panics as he realizes the situations of occupants as the result of an alcohol related incident.  

Deputy Casey Walker, who assisted Pendergrass in the planning of the event, surveyed the crash scene, evaluating Zimmerman and the passenger from Ishida’s vehicle who was ejected through the windshield onto the hood of the two-door car.  

"The realism of the scenario is aimed at impacting everyone,” Pendergrass said. “Seeing their fellow classmates ‘injured’ and trapped in a car simulated the real experience of being in that situation.” 

Walker pronounced Zimmerman dead as a result of the crash. Emergency personnel quickly evaluated the scene and the other two individuals, AHS student Olivia Morton and HHS senior Justine Calzacorta, who was trapped in the back seat of the Ishida’s car.

  Jessica Morton lies helplessly on the hood of a vehicle after being thrown through the windshield.

“It is very emotional to see friends in that situation,” HHS senior Aubrey Nash said. “Even though I know that scene was staged Justine in the car makes you think a lot about what you can do to prevent things like this from happening. 

Morton was removed from the hood of the car on a backboard and placed in an ambulance. Adrian firefighters use a pneumatic cutter to slice through the roof of the car to gain access to Calzacorta. 

After Calzacorta was extricated from the vertical, the ambulances rushed from the scene, leaving the MCSO deputies to evaluate Ishida using sobriety test (FST) to determine his intoxication level.


Following the FST performed by Walker, Ishida was placed under arrest for driving under the influence. 

“Kids need to think about their actions,” Walker said. “What they do now not only affects the currently, but will stay with them the rest of their lives. It not only changes their life, but the lives of countless other people” 

After emergency personnel were cleared from the scene, students went back to the gym viewed the remainder of Pendergrass’ video production.  

Malheur County Sheriff deputies handcuff Mark Ishida.  

Ishida was viewed being booked into the Malheur County Jail and Morton and Calazacorta were checked into an Ontario Hospital.  

“It is heart-wrenching,” Nash said. “Everyone here was displaying real emotion. When you see a video where a parent is really crying because their child is in hospital even though they know they are fine and it is staged, it was still emotional.  

An emotional scene played out for the teens as doctors informed Morton’s Parents that she passed away as a result of the accident. The medical technicians informed Cheryl Calzacorta that her daughter would need specialized care and would be transported to a Boise-area hospital. 

In the final scene of the video, a MCSO deputy arrived at Zimmerman’s home and was greeted by two children was informed her husband, Matt, of the death. 

"The last thing we want to do is notify anyone, let alone parents, of a death,” Walker said. “It is the hardest thing you will ever to do. Hopefully this presentation helps kids to think about what they do and the choices they make.” 

Following the video, a mock memorial service for Zimmerman and Morton was carried out inside the gym. Family members of the “deceased” were ushered into the gym and tearful eulogies were read

  Teacher Kelsey Zimmerman is covered with a white sheet after being declared dead as the result of a drunk driver.

“When we came back in from the crash scene and they were reading the eulogies for the people who were killed, it hit me hard,” AHS junior Madison Purnell said. “it was especially hard to hear the one for Mrs. Zimmerman. Knowing her kids grow up without a mother, it makes you realized how important your decision are.” 

After the eulogies were read, students heard first-hand from a Caldwell family that was affected by a drunk driver.  

Angel Zeimantz, whose daughter Cassy was involved in vehicle accident with drunk driver in 2007, explained to the students, “Whether you do somrthings of you don’t… It matter.” 

“I died that night,” Cassy said. “I don’t care how you handle it, but don’t get behind the wheel. You are playing Russian roulette with not just your life, but someone else as well.”   

Cassy Zeimantz spent nearly one month in the hospital in a coma recovering from the accident. 

“I hope that through all the work that went into this project, everyone who was here learned that the choices they make have a direct impact on everyone. (Drunk driving) is something you can prevent. It is your decision. Why not make the right decision?” Pendergrass said.        

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Livas to Shira sends Adrian past Mustangs 

An important lesson
Presentation focuses on dangers of alcohol

Argus Observer

The lives of those who live in a small community are interwoven, and those bonds become much more apparent in the case of a tragic situation.

  Wednesday afternoon, students at Adrian High School and the junior and senior classes of Homedale High School took part in an emotionally charged morning during a presentation put on by one of Adrian’s seniors.

Maddy Pendergrass has been working on her senior project since March and brought in Corrections Corporation of America, out of Boise, to present “Every 15 Minutes” to the student bodies in attendance.
A Malheur County Sheriff’s Office deputy talks with a couple of crash victims during a mock accident Wednesday morning at Adrian High School.  

Pendergrass first saw the “Every 15 Minutes” presentation as a freshman and thought it was something important, so she brought it back to Adrian.

The presentation focuses on how, every 15 minutes, somebody dies in an alcohol-related crash.

“Nobody wants to see their friends, family or classmates pass away by something that can be prevented,” Pendergrass said.

Wednesday’s activities began with a video presentation of teenagers leaving a party and a student and teacher leaving parent-teacher conferences. There is an accident, which was presented to the students live in a mock demonstration on the Adrian football field.

The crash was staged, and students watched emergency service personnel worked to pull the victims from the vehicles and take them to local hospitals.

“It was hard to watch the kids go through that. It broke my heart,” Kelsie Zimmerman, a teacher at Adrian High School and middle school, and also a crash victim said of the crash scene. “In Adrian, we are very close knit. I teach all these kids, or I have taught them.”

Zimmerman also said the situation that was presented by Pendergrass is a very real scenario, making the demonstration more emotional.

Zimmerman died at the scene of the accident Wednesday, while her passenger suffered from minor injuries.

The driver of the second vehicle, Adrian senior Mark Ishida, also suffered minor injuries, while his passenger was taken to an area hospital, were she later died from her injuries. The passenger in the back seat was paralyzed.

As emergency personnel got the crash scene under control, an interview by Malheur County Sheriff’s Office deputies with Ishida revealed he had been drinking, and a field sobriety test confirmed he was under the influence, and he was arrested.

A video back in the gymnasium after the mock crash demonstration showed the emergency room footage of the victims.

The video following the crash proved to be an emotional experience for many of the students and faculty in attendance. Many of those not impacted by the video were touched by the eulogies of those who lost their lives.

“I wasn’t sure how it was going to be with another school,” Kevin Purnell, Adrian High School principal, said. “I could see that it touched them. I was very pleased.”

Following the funerals of those who had lost their lives, guest speaker Angel Zeimantz and her daughter, Cassy Zeimantz, talked about their experience with a crash involving drunk drivers, which claimed the life of one of Angel’s best friends and nearly took the life of Cassy.

Cassy Zeimantz was injured in a vehicle crash nearly four years ago during her senior year of high school, when a drunk driver ran into the vehicle of which she was a passenger. The crash left her in a coma for nearly a month before doctors were able to bring her back to consciousness.

As a result of the accident, her life has changed forever, and she is still working to regain control of her body.

Cassy Zeimantz said she died that day, and that somebody else has taken her place. The message left behind was not to abstain from drinking but to not drink and drive.

Linda Sevison from Corrections Corporation of America said these presentations have had a real impact on the high schoolers in the Treasure Valley. The company does about two or three presentations a year.

Pendergrass said the scenes filmed Wednesday were much easier to deal with than the scenes filmed at the hospital.

“It was really difficult, very realistic,” she said.

While working on her senior project, Pendergrass surpassed the required six hours needed to complete her project, with more than 175 hours logged.

“It went well. It went smoothly,” Pendergrass said.

While she is pleased with how the event unfolded, Pendergrass wanted to leave those in attendance with a final thought.

“Make the right decision,” she said.

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Homecoming Week at AHS


The Adrian high school homecoming court was announced and crowned during halftime activities of the football game last Friday evening. Members of the court included [left to right]: kneeling—Chris Roth, junior representative; Francisco Ramirez, sophomore representative; Chase Walker, freshmen representative. Middle: Kristal Goul, junior representative; Rachel DeHoog, freshmen representative; Kellie Baraza, freshmen representative. Back: Oliver Csaszar, senior prince; Tasha Garner, senior princess; King Dylan Osborn; Queen Olivia Morton; Joan Salazar, senior prince; Lizzy Furtado, senior princess.

Crazy hair dayAnnie Bowns,. Amanda Thompson, and Carla Combe   Shakin' their groove thing at the Homecoming dance
Race to the Victory—Seniors   Kung Fu Eagle Stew—Juniors
Proud to Bleed Green—Sophomores   Plow 'em Under—Freshmen
In the trenches   Mean Green Machine
Eye on the endzone White Tornado
We fought hard   Victorious!
All Smiles—Queen Olivia Morton and King Dylan Osborn #@$^%^!^*+$^
Leadership kids!

Principal Kevin Purnell was not sure if his high school staff was admiring or mocking him on clone day as part of Adrian Homecoming week festivities.



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Antelopes roll to more volleyball victories 

Owyhee Avalanche 

Annie Bowns averaged 12 kills in each match Friday night as Adrian High School volleyball ran its league-opening streak to seven matches. 

Chelsey Heller served eight points to help the host Antelopes gain control in the third and final set of a hard-fought 25-20, 25-12, 26-24 1A High Desert League victory over Mitchell. 

“It was a good match against a much improved Mitchell team.” Adrian coach Aimee Goss said. “(Mitchell) battled pretty hard that third set.” 

Chelsey Heller served eight straight at a critical point to give us an edge, and all the girls rallied for that final set.” 

Madison Purnell tossed in 11 kills and served four aces to go with Bowns’ 12 kills and tow aces for Adrian (10-6 overall, 7-0 1A HDL.) 

Friday: Adrian def. Spray, 3-0 —


Heller dished 22 assists, and Nichole Orosco fired five aces in a 25-14, 25-11, 25-13 league victory.

Carla Combe had eight kills and four aces, and Purnell put down five kills and added three aces. 

“Annie Bowns and Carla Combe had a good match at the net,” Goss said. “Its nice to get two wins in a dual match.” 

The Adrian volleyball team donned pink uniforms in support of Alysha Sifuentes' senior project, Block for the Cure, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The uniforms were purchased with funds donated by the Adrian Lions Club.
Lady Lope Maddy Purnell bumps the ball over the net. Chelsey Heller sets the ball for a charging Annie Bowns.

October 8: Adrian def. Long Creek, 3-0 — The Antelopes dominated their hosts with a fierce service game led by Chelsey Heller’s 15 aces. 

Annie Bowns and Madison Purnell chipped in four aces apiece in a 25-9, 25-19, 25-11 1A HDL victory. 

“It was nice to get a win on the road even though offensively we committed a few too many errors,” Goss said. “Chelsey Heller did a nice job serving.” 

Bowns also put down 14 kills, and Purnell recorded three.

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Nine TDs, 500 yards offense lead Adrian to third straight 

Owyhee Avalanche

Kurt Nielson was five yards shy of single-handedly matching his opponents’ total offense output in Adrian High School’s football victory Friday. 

Nielson rushed for 297 yards and five touchdowns on 13 carries as the Antelopes rolled to a 66-20 victory over Spray-Mitchell in 1A High Desert League action. 

Adrian (5-1 overall, 3-1 league) scored 22 points in the opening quarter of  its Homecoming game. 

Paxton Shira throws out to the flat as Dylan Osborn [3], Leo Munoz [3], JJ Maxell and Danny Livas [3] provide protection.

The antelopes gained 525 total yards, including 501 on the ground, in collecting their third consecutive victory. 

Nielson scored the first of his touchdowns on runs of 37 yards and one yard in the first quarter. Mark Ishida added six-yarder in the frame. 

Paxton Shira rambled 68 yards to give Adrian a 30-0 lead in the second quarter. 

Nielson scored on the runs of 65 yards in the second quarter and 80 yards in the third quarter. 

Spray-Mitchell Lane Graham played a part in all three of his teams TDs. He threw a 56-yard scoring pass to Arnie Fox in the second quarter and also scored on runs of 38 yards and three yards. 

Adrian Wrapped up the scoring in the fourth quarter when Nielsen scored on a 35-yard run and Chance Marquez added a 54-yard scoring play. 

J.J. Maxwell led Adrian’s defenders with 10 tackles.    

Spray -Mitchell 0 6 8 6 20
Adrian 22 14 14 16 66  


Danny Livas [3] and Tyler Reary [5] apply pressure in the backfield Defensive end Dylan Osborn brings down Spray's quarterback for a loss. 

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Antelopes sweep to 5-0 league start

Owhyee Avalance 

Adrian high school’s volleyball is unbeaten halfway through the 1A High Desert League Season.  

The Antelopes (8-6 overall) moved to 5-0 in league play with a 25-9, 25-19, 25, 25-11 victory over Long Creek/ Ukiah on the road Saturday. 

The Antelopes take on Spray/ Mitchell in another 1A HDL match Friday at 5:30. 

Oct.3: Nyssa Ore, defeats Adrian, 3-0- The Antelopes played up two classifications, and lost the battle at the service line against the 3A Nyssa Bulldogs, 25-21, 25-19, 25-18, in a non- league loss in Adrian. Madison Purnell served five aces, and Nichole Orosco added four. Purnell also had four kills while Orosco carded three.  

“We struggled at times on the serve receive, and that really kept us from gaining any momentum,” Goss said “Our service and defensive errors also made it a tough night, and Nyssa defended well against our attack.” Chelsey Heller set up the offense with 10 assists and chipped in three aces. Annie Bowns served two aces and led the offense with five kills Carla Combe had two aces and two kills.

September 30: Adrian defeats Huntington, 3-1 – The antelopes beat the Locomotive, 25-6, 25-14, 23-25, 25-7, to kick off a sweep of a league tri-meet at home.

Bowns had three aces, and eight kills and three teammates (Combe, Purnell, and Orosco) notched four aces each. Heller contributed 11 assists while Orosco scored three kills.

September 30: Adrian Defeats Harper 3-0 – Purnell and Heller served four aces each in a 25-15, 25-12. 25-16 win over the Hornets.

“It was good to get some league wins and also get a chance to play a few younger players,” Goss said.

Combe fired eight kills to lead the team, while Heller pulled off 20 assists. Bowns had six kills, and Orosco added five.

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Livas to Shira sends Adrian past Mustangs 

Owyhee Avalanche 

Adrian High School scored twice in the fourth quarter, breaking a stalemate and capturing a victory over rival Jordan Valley on Friday afternoon. 

Danny Livas’ only receptions of the game came on fourth-quarter touchdown passes from Paxton Shira as the Antelopes forged a 20-6 1 A High Desert League victory on the road. 

The go-ahead score covered 71 yards, and the insurance TD was a 27-year play. 

The Antelopes (4-1 overall, 2-1 league) held a 6-0 lead before Jordan Valley’s Ty Warn picked off a Juan Munoz pass and ran 14 yards for a game-tying score in the third quarter.  

“I was proud of our team for staying in the battle,” Mustangs coach Tim McBride said after his team’s Homecoming game. 

  Danny Livas hauls in pass and sprints to the end zone for a score.

“Defensively we played a really good game. Offensively, we just couldn’t move the ball.” 


Jordan Valley (2-2, 0-2) was limited to 278 yards offense with Warn picking up 102 rushing yards on 17 attempts. He also completed right of 19 passes for 89 yards. 

Adrian got on the scoreboard first when Kurt Nielson ran 67 yards for a first-quarter touchdown. Neilson finished with 104 yards rushing.  

Juan Munoz finds running room as he foollows the Leo Munoz [23] to the outside.  

Shira completed four of five passes for 100 yards. Shira also was a force on defense with 11 tackles and an interception. 

Mark Ishida led the Antelopes’ defense with 12 tackles, including 10 sols stops and one quarterback sack among seven tackles for loss.   

Paxton Shira fights a Jordan Valley defender for a reception.   Kurtis Nielsen finds a hole behind the blocking of Paxton Shira and JJ Maxwell

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Antelopes dominate Harper/Huntington

Malheur Enterprise           

The Adrian football team hosted Harper/Huntington Sept. 30 in High Desert League action and following a scoreless first quarter, tallied 22 points in the second period to take the lead. The antelopes went on to win 49-8.           

"They looked better,” said HH coach Les Tiller. “I wasn’t happy with the final score, but it was 0-0 at the end of the first quarter. They got to our outside a couple of times.”           

“Real pleased with all the kids and really pleased with the younger kids,” said Adrian head coach Paul Shenk following the win.           

Adrian’s three scores in the second quarter came on Chase Walker one-yard run, a Troy Villarreal 48-yard pass to Mark Ishida, and a 21-yard run by Villarreal. Villarreal and Chance Marquez each had a conversion run.     

In the third, Ishida scored from the 19 and Nielson ran in from the 50. The point after kick was made and Ishida ran in the second conversion.             

  Quarterback Troy Villareal calls offensive signals under center Dylan Osborn.


HH opened the scoring in the fourth on a 31-yard run by Devin Merritt. Tyler Freitag ran in the conversion.

The antelopes scored twice more on the fourth. The first was a 46-yard run by Ishida, and the second was a 52-yard interception return by Kurt Nielson. 

On Friday October 7, Adrian will play at Jordan Valley.

Adrian’s defense stuffs a short yardage play for no gain in HDL action against Harper.  

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Busy week for Lady ‘Lopes

Malheur Enterprise  

The Adrian volleyball team played in the road last week. On September 23, they were at Dayville and defeated Monument/Dayville in three games, 25-19, 25-15, and 25-11.   

“I was happy with our serving and it caused some problems for Monument/Dayville,” said Adrian coach Aimee Goss. “Good first league match and nice to travel and come away with a win.”

Stats: Carla Combe, 3 aces, 5 kills; Madison Purnell, 1 block kill, 6 kills; Annie Bowns, 3 aces, 3 block kills, 5 kills; Nichole Orosco 11 aces, 3 kills; Chelsey Heller, 17 assists.

On September 24, Adrian was at the Tri-Valley Tournament. The team played well in pool play and advanced to bracket play where they lost to Horseshoe Bend in tow, 19-25, and 14-25.

“Good overall tournament play,” said Goss.

“Against Horseshoe Bend, we made some serve-receive errors, and defensive errors that kept us from scoring when we needed to. Horseshoe Bend attacked the call well, and we didn’t quite ever gain momentum defensively.”

Stats: Purnell, 4 aces, 7 kills; Bowns, 1 ace, 2 kills; Orosco, 2 aces, 6 kills; Heller, 10 assists.

The Lady ‘Lopes now have an overall record of 4-5 and are 1-0 in High Desert League play. They will be at home this Friday, September 30, to play both Harper and Huntington.

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Turnovers plague Antelopes

Malheur Enterprise

“They showed up to play ball, and we didn’t,” said Adrian head coach Paul Shenk after the Antelopes’ 20-36 loss at Dayville. “We, as coaches, did not do our jobs, and the kids did not do theirs.”

Adrian lost the ball three times; all capitalized by Monument/Dayville.

“One fumble, they stripped the ball and ran all the way for a touchdown,” said Shenk.

The Tigers opened the game scoring on a 25-yard pass play less then a minute into the game. A conversion pass later, Adrian trailed 0-8. The antelopes rallied and tied the game on an eight-year pass from Juan Munoz to Paxton Shira and Munoz run. But that was to be all of Adrian’s scoring in the first half. Their hosts went on to score five more times in the half to lead 36-9 at halftime.  

Adrian scored once in both the third and fourth quarters. The first came on a Kurt Neilson 14-yard run, and the second was on a 34-yard run by Mark Ishida. Both conversion attempts failed.     

Monument/Dayville scored twice in the third. The first was the fumble recovery, and the second came from a nine-yard run. One conversion pass was completed.

On the bright side, Shenk was pleased with the leadership his two seniors, Mark Ishida and Dylan Osborn displayed during the game. “They are a very big part of our team and show great team leadership,” he said. “As a team, we didn’t quit.”

Adrian will host Harper/ Huntington this Friday, Sept. 30, in High Desert League action.

Adrian 8 0 6 0 20
MD   24 12 0 0

Rushing: 64/329, Neilson 27/119, Chance Marquez 8/82, Ishida 6/57, Shira 15/53, Munoz 5/12, Tommy Shenk 3/6

Passing: 4/19/1/59, Munoz 2/6/0/43, Shira 2/14/1/16

Receiving: Ishida 2/16, Danny Livas 1/35, Shira 1/8

First Downs: 24

Penalties: 7/55

Tackles: solo/ assists; Shira 8/8, Livas 6/5, Osborn 5/4, JJ Maxwell 5/2, Ishida 4/3, Neilson 3/3, Leo Munoz 3/2, Marquez 2/2.

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