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Meet the Exchange Students

Gabriela Boto Oliver Csaszar Joan Salazar



Feliz de estar aqui—Gabriela Boto

Submitted by: Dulce Beltran

Imagine living in a city of two million people, a city so big you can find everything you need within its borders. For anybody that has lived in Adrian, Oregon for any amount of time, you probably could not fathom the size of a city that big, but for seventeen year old Gabriela Boto it is a reality. That is until she decided to become an exchange student in one of the smallest towns in Oregon.

Gabriela lives in Fortaleza, Brazil, the fifth largest city in Brazil, so she got quite a surprise when she saw our little town for the first time. She is a normal teenager who likes to hang out with her friends, and watch T.V. One of her favorite things to watch is soccer. Gabriela is really enjoying Adrian despite its size; in fact the first thing she liked about it was everybody’s friendliness. She said that friendliness is something that is important to her, and that is something that she misses a lot about Brazil. She said that Brazilians greet each other with a kiss on the cheek and a hug even if they don’t know each other, and that is what she misses the most about her Brazilian culture.

Gabriela’s parents own two big stores in her city. She said: “The stores are like Wal-Mart, they sell everything, but they are not as big.” She also has a sister who she loves to spend time with.

Gabriela became an exchange student in the first place because she wants to improve her English, and learn to read and write it well (even though she already speaks perfect English if you ask me.)

Gabriela may be considered lucky in Adrian because she got a great host family: The Purnell’s. Being a part of the Purnell family this year she plans on attending all sporting events including volleyball, football, basketball, track, softball, and baseball. She loves watching sports, but, sad to say, she does not plan on participating in any of these sports in Adrian. She said she does just not consider herself an athletic person, and just prefers standing on the sidelines cheering and supporting the teams.

Gabriela has been in Adrian for only three weeks; she has not been away long enough to get home sick yet, so she is enjoying Adrian and everything it has to offer. Gabriela says she is  “Feliz de estar aqui”—happy to be here.

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Egy új diák--Olivia Cezar

Submitted by: Alysha Sifuentes

Egy új diák,  I can bet money you’re wondering, “What on earth does that mean?! Don’t worry because this year we have a very special individual who can easily translate that without no trouble, and perhaps even quicker than Google translate can. He’s 6’3 and very athletic. He arrived from Hungary. Can you guess who that very special someone is? It’s Oliver Cezar! He’s funny, friendly, and extemely tall, you can’t miss him!  


Oliver comes from a big city in Hungary. He has a mother and father, and a younger brother who is 14 years old.  

Playing sports, shopping, and hanging out with his friends is what mainly kept him occupied everyday. Oliver spent his weekends just like any other teenager would. He greatly enjoys sleeping, relaxing, and doing homework. Oliver stated his friends is what he misses the most about his country.  

Oliver has made sevaeral trips to America and got the chance to visit different states, but while traveling in America, he never made a trip out to Oregon. This year, he made it to one of the smallest towns, which happens to be his new hometown in Adrian, Oregon.  

When Oliver first arrived in Adrian his first impression was,”Wow, this town is nothing like mine.” Oliver had  trouble adapting to the new town. He was homesick for the first two days he arrived, but luckily, the Ellsworths and Vancorbachs were there to comfort him. 

Oliver made a big choice into coming to America for school. Coming from your homecountry to a different one can be very tough sometimes, but Oliver, chose to overcome those obstacles and give it a try so he could improve his English and to eventually be able to speak it fluently.  

Now that Oliver is here, and has been attending school, to him it’s quite differnt than his becuase at Adrian students have hour long classes, whereas Hungary students attend classes for 45 minutes. Oliver feels that classes at Adrian are also easier than his home school. The one class that is more difficult for Oliver at Adrian High is English, which is a normal to most exchange students.  

But aside from that, playing sports and interacting with his friends will most likely be what keeps him occupied. Oliver plans to shine like a star, by participating in every sport that we have out there.

Egy új diák--a new student. We will all enjoy your presence here  at Adrian High School Oliver!

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Aiming to Fly High—Joan Salazar 

Submitted by: James Niccum 

Throughout life sacrifices are made for a better future. Whether we make those sacrifices positive, is up to us. All these endeavors that we face today begin our future; it would be wise to have an open mind and positive attitude.  Considering that you might have to leave everything and everyone behind as part of your sacrifice—positivity is necessary.  

Seventeen year old Joan Salazar, senior exchange student residing from Calama, Chile has been having a great time adapting to the small town of Adrian Oregon. Having come to Oregon from a much larger city, it was shocking to fathom the size of Adrian High. Back in his home country Joan enjoyed playing soccer, and handball. His mother, an abuse counselor, father, a doctor, and his brother Nicolas, age 12, make up his remarkable family.

Since moving to Adrian, Joan has been faced with many challenges such as, the language barrier, and new way of life. Although his former language included Spanish, he had learned English back home, and is improving rapidly. What he misses most from home would have to be his girlfriend. Other than missing his girlfriend, Joan has not been too home sick. When asked what the importance of becoming a foreign exchange student he simply replied, to learn the English language—it is imperative to know the language for future jobs. 

Joan is staying with the Shiras as his host parents: Nolan, Nikki, and their three sons, Brycon, Regan, Paxton, and daughter, Madison who’s in college.  

Since relocating here in Adrian, Joan has joined AHS football, which has been a superb way to know the people and to learn the sport. Although it is not clear whether he will join any other sports, Joan will have much time to decide. By moving to Adrian, as with any exchange student, Joan will undoubtedly have mastered the English language by the end of the year, which will eventually aid him with his future job in the Air Force. 

Welcome to Adrian Joan! 

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Nine Students journey to America, Adrian High School

Nine students walked the halls of Adrian on the opening day of school as exchange students. Left to right:          Adrian Rempel, Germany; Oliver Csaszar, Hungary; Joan Salazar, Chile; Chatchavat (Boom) Ananratanakit, Thailand; Un Choi, South Korea; Marie Makepeace, Germany; Sophia Kreuzer, Germany; Tzu-Fan (Gina) Chien, Taiwan; Gabriela Boto, Brazil.

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Adrian knocks off Greenleaf in five games

Argus Observer

GreenLeaf—The Lady Antelope volleyball team needed all five games to dispatch Greenleaf on Monday in a non-league game at Greenleaf High School.

Adrian won the first game 26-24, then dropped the second game by the same score. In Game 3, the Lady Antelopes came back with a 25-22 win but lost Game 4 25-23. In the fifth and deciding match, Adrian won 15-13 to improve its overall record to 3-4 on the season.

“It was a super great match on both sides of the net.  The girls fought hard for every point,” Adrian coach Aimee Goss said. “We played the net well and each player really contributed to the win.”

For Adrian, Carla Combe had three aces, two blocks, nine kills, two assists and four digs. Madison Purnell had one ace, seven blocks, 20 kills, two assists and one dig. Annie Brown picked up four aces, two blocks, 15 kills and one assist. Nichole Orosco had an ace, a block, 12 kills, an assist and three digs. Chelsey Heller led the team with 34 assists.

Adrian opens league play on Friday at Dayville/Monument

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Adrian wins game in second half

The Enterprise

Tied at 14 after the first quarter of play, the Adrian football team found itself down 14-36 at half when they played council, Idaho on Sept. 16.

The Lumberjacks scored two quick touchdowns, First they ran back the kickoff, and then they scored on a 29-yard pass play.

  The Antelopes answered back in later half of the way quarter scoring on a two-yard run by Mark Ishida and 63-yard scamper by Kurtis Neilson. The conversion attempt on the first touchdown failed, but Munoz ran in the second to the score.
Fullback Mark Ishida pounds the ball up the middle for a first down.  

Council controlled the second quarter and scored on the ground and in the air to go up 36-14 at the half.

Whatever the conversation was at halftime, Coach Paul Shenk (unavailable for comment)  must have said something right as the Antelopes came in third and scored three unanswered TD’s, while holding Council scoreless in stanza. The first came on a Munoz two-yard run, the second on a Nielson 17-yard run and the final was a 15-yard interception return by Nielson. All three conversion attempts failed. The Lumberjacks were able to get one more touchdown on the scoreboard in the fourth but were unable to stop Adrian as the Antelopes found the end zone three months times for a final score of 50-32.  
  Kurtis Neilson gets outside the defense and sprints to the endzone for a score.

Neilson was credited with all three scores on runs of 16, 45, and 19 yards. All three conversions were unsuccessful.

Adrian did most of its damage on the ground and racked up 380 yards rushing. The Antelopes held penalties to a minimum and were flagged only three times for 20 yards.

Adrian will begin High Desert League action Friday, Sept. 23, on the road at Monument/Dayville.

Adrain 14 0 18 18-50

Council 14 12 0 6 -32
Adrian 14 0 18 18 50  
Council 14 12 0 6 32  

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Adrian losses non league game in four

Malheur Enterprise 

The Adrian volleyball team lost two nonleague games at home in the four each this past week. On Thursday Sept. 8, they fell to Greenleaf by scores of 15 -25, 25- 20, 11-25 and 19- 25. ”we really struggled to have any to have any real momentum except for the second game,” said Adrian coach Aimee Goss. 


‘We keep attacking and we hit   a lot of balls out.  We’ll keep attacking and hopefully, really begin to find the court. We had a few bright moments hitting, but on the whole couldn’t set up an offense, and Greenleaf did a nice job of finding our holes tonight.”  

Stats Chelsey Heller 24 assists; Madison Parnell 11 kills. 

Last Friday Adrian lost to liberty charter in scores of 24-25, 25-10 and 19-25. 

“A better match tonight,” said Goss. “Still struggling to finish plays and them. We had some great blocking and hitting but not enough to finish.” 

Stats Purnell 8 kills, 3 blocks, Annie Bowns, 6 kills, 3 blocks; Nichole Orosco, 5 kills, 1 block kill; Heller, 19 assists. 

The lady ‘Lopes have three nonleague games on their schedule this week as they play at council on Friday, Sept. 19, at the pine eagle tournament; and Monday, Sept. 19, at Greenleaf.

Chelsey Heller passes the ball back to center court as Nichole Orosco [14] moves toward the play.  

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Lady ‘Lops lose opener

Malheur Enterprise

The Adrian volleyball team opened its season at home Sept. 2 against Powder Valley. The Lady ‘Lope lost in three by score of 21-25, 14-25, 19-25.

“Powder valley is a good team and hit very well tonight,” said Adrian coach Aimee Goss. “I was pleased with a lot of things for out first match and one against a really tough opponent. We have some thing to work on the coming week, but I’m excited for the potential this team has to be successful.”

Adrian will see plenty of volleyball this week playing home Thursday and Friday, Sept. 8and 9, against Greenleaf and Liberty and then will play at the Cambridge and Borah tournaments on Saturday, Sept.10.

Stats: Madison Purnell, 9 kills; Annie Bowns, 4 kills, 1 block kill; Carla Combe, 6 aces; Chelsey Heller, 17 assists.

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Adrian runs over Powder Valley

Malheur Enterprise

After an evenly matched first quarter, the Adrian Football team took control and went on to win 44-12 over visiting Powder Valley last Friday.

“Our Offence got to a rocky start,” said Adrian head coach Paul Shenk. “But then the kids settled in and played ball” Shenk credited the offensive line of Dylan Osborn, J.J Maxwell, Leo Munoz, Paxton Shira, and Danny Livas for creating scoring opportunities. “They kept our backfield rested,” he said. “It was a good game.”

Kurtis Nielson led the team in rushing with 136 yards on 18 carries. Shira and Livas each caught two passes for a total of 43 and 41 yards, respectively. Juan Munoz completed five passes on 10 attempts for 84 yards.

Mark Ishida, Shira and Osborn led the in defense with five solo tackles each, followed closely by Chance Marquez with four.

Adrian will have this week off and return to action in Council Idaho on Sept. 16.        

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