Flying into the future—Laynee Walker

  By Shayla Griffin

The greatest challenge in life is discovering who you are. The second greatest is being happy with what you find.  


Laynee Walker, an Adrian High school senior, loves helping people, children, taking pictures, and traveling. As she considered her possible next steps in life, beginning with senior project requirements three career choices, it was no surprise to her that she selected child care, photography, and airline services. She decided to focus on the childcare field for her main career.


Laynee job shadowed three people in the childcare field. New song Preschool, Giggles & Grace, and Homedale Elementary school. She then shadowed Jean Mazac for photography. She also shadowed Garth Manning, a flight attendant.


Laynee’s favorite job shadow was at the New song Preschool. She said that everyone there was so kind and it was so much fun.


For Laynee’s senior project she chose to do the Christmas Foster Child Program. She wanted to go into senior project to help someone in some way. Choosing this allowed her to help 38 kids wake up on Christmas morning with a smile on their faces.


Laynee’s senior project advisor is Mr. Purnell and her physical project advisor is Mrs. Allison.


Laynee decided she was actually going to go into her third career choice. She said she would really love to be a flight attendant for a little while after high school and then later into the future, when she settles down, she wants to do something with children. She chose flight attendant because she loves to travel. She really enjoys it and thinks it would be a great opportunity to see the world.


Her future plans do not include college. After she graduates High school she plans on attending a trade school for an airline.


Laynee’s advice for underclassman is to enjoy this and enjoy where you are now. High school might seem like it’s going by slow,  but soon enough you’ll be a senior wishing you would have enjoyed this a little more. She said that it feels like yesterday that she was starting her freshman year. Time really does fly by.

The Jetson’s generation—Miller DeMark

    By Maritza Torres

At the time, it may have seemed unimaginable to live in an era of ‘The Jetson’s’. A lifestyle where students were able to communicate with their teacher on a big screen; a robotic housekeeper; and traveling in space age cars. Turn the page to 2018 and people can talk to family and friends in real time on skype; availability of robot vacuums to clean our homes; and the introduction of ‘self-driven automobiles’. The age of the Jetson’s is here and senior Miller DeMark intends to be a part of the technology future.

Miller’s main focus was on IT. He job shadowed CWI with Rob Heli in Nampa, Idaho. He also job shadowed Farmers Mutual Telephone Company with Grant Gross in Fruitland, Idaho . Miller went to his former stomping grounds in Homedale, Idaho where he job shadowed with Kim Portwood and Dave Correa, both with the Homedale School District. For his journalism interest, Miller job shadow at Owyhee Avalanche with John Brownin Homedale Idaho. Miller stated his favorite job shadow was at Farmers Mutual in Fruitland Idaho, because he really enjoys working with technology and was really able to focus and learn about something that he really enjoyed. The opportunity to job shadow with them helped him realize that he really does enjoy working with technology.

When it came to Miller's physical project, hedecided that he wanted to something that would tie into his main focus so he decided to teach the middle school about computers. He figured this tied in with teaching as well as with IT. Miller says that senior project wasn't as hard as everyone made it seem to be.

He says he was able to complete senior project thanks to Mr. Johnson as his Physical Project advisor

and Mr. Purnell as his Senior Project advisor.

As Miller takes one look back at everything he has accomplished he is very happy and thankful that he has made it this far. After High School Miller plans to go follow his main career interest and go to college to study IT. Miller will be attending Montana Tech Butte Mountain. He will be completing a four year degree in computer science.

Miller has learned lots and looks forward to see what the future holds for him. Miller would also like to advise the underclassmen that senior project is truly not hard it is actually really easy as long as you don’t fall behind.

Oh yeah, by the way, the research paper is hard so be ready for that.

February 2018

‘Tremendous honor’

Antelopes honor longtime coach in naming new gym

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Adrian High School senior Erin Nielson, center, cuts the ribbon as basketball coach and Superintendent Gene Mills holds the other end to formally open the new Adrian gym Thursday afternoon.

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ADRIAN — Naming the court in the new high school gym was a no-brainer for Adrian High School principal Kevin Purnell.

In his 14 years at Adrian as the superintendent and girls basketball coach, Gene Mills has been working towards getting the Antelopes a new gym.

On Thursday afternoon that dream became a reality: The new Adrian gym with the Gene Mills Court had its grand opening in front of hundreds of students and community members.

“This gymnasium is an attest to this community’s pride,” Mills said to the crowd that gathered in the gym. “In all sports, the kids come to compete. I’m proud to be an Antelope.”

Since coming to Adrian from Cove, Mills had been working on adding new facilities to Adrian School District. He said he was happy about having his name added to the court.

“It’s a tremendous honor,” Mills said. “We have worked so hard to get the new facility we now have.”

In all, Mills has dedicated 50 years to coaching basketball in Oregon.

When asked if he thought the new gym was more fitting of the way the Antelopes play, Mills nodded with a big smile.

“I agree, I agree,” he said.

Purnell said he was overjoyed to be able to name the court after Mills and have Mills present for the ceremony. Purnell has been filling in as the interim girls basketball coach this season as Mills has been battling an illness this year.

“It was so awesome to be able to do this for Gene,” Purnell said. “He’s wanted this gym for so long. And we needed a new gym. When the opportunity arose, he was on it quick.”

The new gym has two balconies, which are currently used as storage areas. The west balcony is being planned as an area for the band to sit and play during games, like had been done on the stage in the old gym. The east balcony is much deeper and will be a dual use mat area for the wrestling team and storage during the offseason.

Purnell said the old gym will stay as it is, as it will ease up scheduling conflicts with sports teams that need the court and the P.E. classes that also need it.

According to Purnell, the basketball teams have had two practices in the new gym so far.

The Antelopes will host their first game in the new gym on Friday, when they host Burnt River in a doubleheader.

Before the game, the Antelopes still have some things to add to the gym, including wall padding for the baselines.

“There are still a few finishing touches to make,” Purnell said. “But we’re so excited for the kids and the community.”

Before the grand opening of the new gym, all of the students in Adrian School District met in the old gym for an assembly.

The assembly included time for the wrestling team and both basketball teams to talk about this respective winter seasons. In between introductions, there were games like pulling the younger students on blankets and putting shaving cream on students’ faces and trying to get cheese balls to stick to the shaving cream.

 High School Principal Kevin Purnell   dedicates the new gym in honor of   Gene Mills.

 Superintendent Gene Mills and ASB President Erin Nielson cut the   ribbon to formally open the new gym.