November 2017


Senior Projects






Having fun with a Haunted Corn Maze—Shyanne Allaire

By Shayla Griffin

At times, life can be scary for young adults. Asking someone on a date, giving an oral presentation to a class, passing a semester test, making a free throw with the game on the line, or meeting on the requirements for senior project.

Shayanne is a senior at Adrian High school. For her senior project she decided to have agriculture business management as her main career followed by veterinarian and pediatric therapy.

When asked why she decided to focus on Ag business she said that she had always worked on a ranch, or a farm, and absolutely loved being outside, being around animals, and working hard for a dollar. Through FFA she has come to love this career even more.

Shyanne completed one of her job shadows at Tree Top Ranches, which was her favorite because she was able to work outside with the cattle for most of the time. When she wasn’t working with the cattle she was getting fantastic advice from Brett Seward. One of the things he told her was how successful she would be in this career.

Other places she job shadowed were Romans Parts and Machinery in Vale, Maag Feedlot and Producers.

For Shyanne’s physical project she did the Haunted Corn Maze during the PTO Halloween carnival; it was a great turn out.

 She chose this as her project because she was able to have a project that wasn’t only fun for the community but would benefit it as well. Half the money that was made went to the Food for All Food Drive and the other half went into the Adrian FFA chapter account.

Shyanne’s wonderful advisors are Ms. Myers for her senior project and Ms. Miller for her physical project. She is very thankful to them.

Her plans for the future are graduating here at Adrian, and then going to school at either Eastern Oregon University or Montana State University and attend the College of Agriculture.

Shyanne had some advice for underclassmen.  “Do YOUR homework, especially for Ms. Myers and Mr. Tolman, be kind to everyone, stay organized, and stay on top of your deadlines. You will thank yourself in the end.”





Proper Nutrition—Morgan Bayes

By Erin Nielson

Eat you vegetables! From an early age, we are taught the importance and benefits of good nutrition. An cattle can  benefit from good nutrition too? I thought cattle ate grass?

It is common knowledge within the Adrian community for seniors in high school to complete senior project as a graduation requirement. The purpose of the course is to help seniors search out career interests and possibilities—and hopefully, giving them a head start in life after high school. Entering senior project, Morgan Bayes had a plan and a goal—agriculture.

Morgan is very interested in Agriculture and loves to learn everything she can about it. She is also interested in the sciences behind it. This is why she chose cattle nutrition as her main career. Her second career choice is veterinary medicine.

Morgan is also very athletic; participating in many sports including volleyball, basketball, and track. She says she would love to coach, choosing that as her third career.


 As part of senior project the students must complete a certain amount of Job shadows in their chosen careers.Morgan job shadowed Preform X, the Chamberlain Dairy, the Nyssa High school coaches, and the Vale Vet Clinic.

The Vale Vet Clinic was Morgan’s favorite job shadow. She said the place was very easygoing and had a calm atmosphere. Morgan loves to learn about the animal body systems and the science behind it; making a vet clinic a great place to go.

For Morgan’s physical project she put together a round robin showmanship clinic. She had a guest speaker talk about cattle nutrition; tying it into her main career. What she loved about her project was being able to help kids learn how to show many different types of animals. She says it was a great experience.

Morgan’s senior project advisor was Mr. Johnson. Her physical project advisor was Miss. Miller. She also said that Jen Martin was a big help to her with her senior project. She is very grateful for all the help that these people have given her, along with everyone else that has helped her with her senior project.

Morgan has decided that she does not intend to pursue her chosen career, or her secondary career. After her job shadows and researching these fields she has come to realize that they do not possess the work environment she wishes to have. She does wish to coach on the side but not as a main career for her.

College is something that Morgan is planning to attend, along with running track at whichever one she goes to. As of yet she is undecided on where or which college she wants to go to. Her advice to the underclassmen would be to apply early for college and complete their applications well before the deadline. It will make it easier for them in the long run.


A flip of the switch—Andrew Walker

By Shayla Griffin

Almost everyone has seen the light bulb moment in cartoons. Andy Walker had this experience when deciding what career he wanted to do for his senior project.  Not sure which career to focus his senior project upon, a flip of the electrical switch turn on the light bulb—electrician.

All Adrian High school seniors are required to complete a senior project. For these projects they have to select three careers to explore. Senior Andrew Walker chose the careers, electrician, metal manufacturing, and business management. Andrew decided to focus on the career electrician because of when he went to the career development advent he had found the career electrician to be interesting.


Andrew completed his job shadows at Fruitland Electric, Stapleton’s Electric, Idaho Power Co. When asked which one was his favorite he replied with, “All are equal in my eyes”.

For his physical project Andrew decided to run a robotics station at the PTO carnival.

 He chose this as his physical project because he thought it would be fun for the kids and would help encourage people to join the robotics program.

Andrew’s senior project is Billy Wortman and his physical project advisor is Kelly Tolman.

Andrew has decided he does want to pursue a career as an electrician. The reason behind this is because he finds the career to be interesting, enjoyable and fun. He is excited to make his own path in life.

Andrew’s future plans for school is attending a community college or trade school.

Advice he has for the younger underclassmen for senior project is, “Do your work, get it done on time, have fun doing it”.


Paving a new road—Tristen Spiers

By: Maritza Torres

Lego toys and building blocks. Sometimes our childhood catches up with us and directs us in life decisions. Tristen Spiers has always loved working with his hands and creating new things. He has shared laughs and plenty of stories throughout his high school years. From telling his funny jokes to doing dumb things to make others laugh, but one thing he has always taken serious is his job.





Mustangs stay league perfect

Malheur Enterprise

Adrian- The Jordan Valley girls basketball team scheduled the pre-league season tough. Competing in a number of tournaments, the mustangs met up with three teams currently ranked in the top five.

The difficult schedule set up the squad for a so far undefeated league season, according to Coach Kelsi Skinner.

 “Playing the caliber of teams we did early made us the team we are now. “ Skinner said.

Jordan Valley kept its record intact with 46-38 victory over Adrian Saturday.

 The Antelopes did put the first points on the board, scoring on a foul shot made by Sadey Speelmon. Jordan Valley responded with the teams first points less than 20 seconds later as the Mustangs went inside to Regann Skinner. At the end of the first quarter, the Mustangs were up 10-6. The Antelopes cut into the lead and trailed by lonely two points at the half, 23-21.

Jordan Valley, using team speed, continued to feed the ball inside for easy shots and pulled out to a 37-30 margin in the third quarter.

 “We started slow in this game,” said Regann Skinner. “With the number of people that came to this game from Jordan Valley, we felt the enthusiasm and started playing the way we know we can.”

Skinner said the team appreciates local fans. “The community has been really behind us all year.” She said.

Junior Taylor Warn said the teams quickness was a factor in the game.

“We handled their pressure well and kept our composure,” she said.

The Antelopes started the game with a full court pressure. After the Mustangs continually beat the press for easy baskets, the Lopes pulled the press off in the second half.

 “We have a goal to win district and go far in the state playoffs,” said Warn. “Jordan Vally is a good team,” said Adrian Coach Kevin Purnell. “We did not shoot well tonight, but overall, I am pleased with the effort the girls gave.” Regann Skinner led all scorers with 16 points. Nicole Terry added 9 for the Mustangs, who shot 47 percent from the floor.

Shyanne Allaire had 11 points for the Lopes and added 5 rebounds and 3 steals. For the night, Adrian shot 30 percent from the field, going 0-for-9 from three-point range.

Jordan Valley (12-8  overall, 8-0 league) looks to continue the teams unblemished league record with a trip to hungington on Friday. Saturday the mustangs are in harper to meet up with the hornets.

Even with the win the mustangs still trail the antelopes in the recent state rankings. Adrian is currently ranked 17th while Jordan valley is two sports down at 19th.

























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