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Meet The New Faces in Our District  
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Involved, focused, supportive—Mrs. Deidra Brown

   By Maritza Torres

  “I am very excited to be able to get to know every student here at Adrian High school as well as the loving and welcoming community" were the first few words Mrs. Brown said when she first began her new job as a teacher at Adrian high school. Mrs. Brown knew it was not going to be easy being the new teacher but she entered with a very positive and excited attitude. As the school days pass her excitement and positive attitude continues to grow, personally and with her students.

Mrs. Deidra Brown is a mother of three beautiful kids and a grandmother of two. She is happily married to her husband Randy Brown who renovates WW2 aircrafts.

Mrs. Brown grew up in Caldwell Idaho. She attended school in the Caldwell School District, eventually graduating from Caldwell high school, home of the Cougars.. Mrs. Brown attended and graduated from Boise State University. She stated she completed her student teaching at Middleton high school in Idaho.

Mrs. Brown has been in the education field is entering her 18th year as a teacher. She has taught at numerous schools during her tenure prior to  her job at Adrian, including Middleton high school, Greenleaf Friends Academy, and Marsing high school. Business and Social Studies are her    areas of teaching endorsements.

As much as Mrs. Brown enjoys teaching, she also loves anything that has to do with outdoors such as hiking and camping. Mrs. Brown is also known as a "goataholic" meaning she absolutely loves goats. She enjoys raising and caring for her goats, but more than anything she adores spending quality time with her family. Her family means everything to her and she cherishes every moment she spends with them.

Although Mrs. Brown grew up in what she considers ‘the city,’ she enjoys the peaceful and quite town of Adrian, Mrs. Brown's first impression of the small school and community was that everyone was very family oriented and a supportive community. She hopes to accomplish getting to know the students as well as the community. She is excited to be a part of the Adrian high school staff, teaching, and interacting with the students.

Mrs. Brown enjoys being a part of student’s education, although she says it can be a little difficult having to deal with "teenage attitude" at times. She enjoys teaching and is very happy she pursued teaching as a career. Mrs. Brown's words of wisdom is to “stay involved, stay focused and to support each other at all times.”

Feels like home—Miss Emma Miller

   By Shayla Griffin

Emma Miller, or ‘Miss Miller’ at Adrian high school, is our new Ag teacher. She is also our new FFA advisor. Miss Miller is very excited for the opportunity to teach at Adrian.

This is Miss Miller’s first year teaching. She attended and graduated from Oregon State University. Miss Miller completed her student teaching at Baker high school.

Miss Miller, along with her two sisters and one brother, grew up in Independence, Oregon. She graduated from Central high school. During her

high school years, she participated in FFA. Choir, NHS, and Volleyball.

Her first impression of Adrian was very positive. She stated, “Everyone was very friendly and kind.”  She said she applied for the Adrian job opening because she really likes Eastern Oregon.

Miss Miller loves agriculture, and she is excited to be teaching. The opportunity to teach students about agriculture has been a great experience for her.  Her goals are “to provide as many opportunities for the Adrian High school FFA as possible; help students grow; and have a rewarding year.”

Miss Miller’s has some advice for Adrian students, “Take an Ag class, be sure to stay organized, and have a good attitude and willingness to learn.”

Miss Miller stated it seems she does not have very much free time on her hands with new responsibilities of being an FFA advisor, Ag teacher, and helping her students. She says when she does find some time for herself, she likes to go hiking. She also likes just sitting back and relaxing while watching some television.

Miss Miler is fitting in well at Adrian high school with the staff and students. The first year of teaching can be a huge learning curve and she has received many helpful suggestions.  She loves how the “Adrian community feels like home.”

 Up to the Challenge—Serena Palmieri

   By Deysi Robles

We have all been lost—whether it be driving in the city, trying to figure out that algebraic equation, or simply wandering in life. A challenge for anyone would be entering a new country speaking a new language. 

Serena decided to come to America to learn the English language. Serena stated she is fluent in four languages—German, English, French, and Italian. 

              Serena’s parents are Monica Torregrosa and Natalino Parlmieri, and she has one younger sibling, Diego. Her father works with electricians and her mom works in an office.  Serena stated her mother had an influence on her decision to become an exchange student as she was unsure of what to do in life and her mother Monica suggested “she should try something new.”

  Her first impression of Adrian was “whoa” and yet she was very excited. Serena thinks our town is calm and very friendly. She loves how everyone here is very kind, and she loves small country  atmosphere..

Serena is playing volleyball. She stated “I am enjoying it and like it a lot.” She is planning to play basketball when the season comes around. Serena mention she “doesn’t know much about basketball but that it doesn’t hurt to learn something new and try out.”  Serena said that in her grade school, the school did not offer much for sports. However, she has a powerful uppercut as she did participate in boxing. 

Serena spends most of her spare time hanging out with her friends. However, Serena stated she loves to be alone and just read a book or lounge around occasionally.

Serena is not sure what she wants to do in her future. She stated ‘when I return home plan to complete and apprentice or internship of some sort.”

 Game of Thrones—Santiago Sueiras

   By Shayla Griffin

There may be various reasons why someone may decide to come to the United States as part of a foreign exchange program. For Santiago Sueiras it was to learn the language better, and to learn more about the American culture. 

Santiago, or his preferred name of Santi, is fifteen years old. He is in the junior class at Adrian High School.

Santi stated he was “surprised how friendly everyone was in Adrian.” . He also said that he came from a “really big” school with 1000+ students so Adrian was quite the change

In Spain Santi enjoyed playing soccer and tennis. He said he decided try out American football while an exchange student. He says that he is really enjoying the sport. On plays tight end on offense outside linebacker on defense. Santi said “compared to soccer, football is very different and many different rules.”

When Santi has free time he likes to watch TV. Some of his favorite shows are Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad.

When Santi returns home to Spain he plans on studying a lot to catch up on things he may have missed while here in America. He does not quite know what career he will go into when he graduates, but he said he will be something related to technology. Luckily, for him the courses he takes here in America will count for school in Spain.

Santi’s father is in the Spanish Court of Leaders, which involves people who take care of the economy in the country. His mother is a Safety Inspector.

Adrian hosts exchange students during the school at the campus dorm. The dorm is home to sic students this year, four boys and two girls. He says he really likes the other exchange students along with the dorm parents. He gets along well with them. His weekend host family is Neil and Stephanie Allison.

Santi is enjoying his time in the United States and stated he is having a great time at Adrian. His English is improving, he is learning more about the American culture, making new friends, and great memories.

 Adrian/Jordan Valley 64 at Huntington 0

 Adrian/Jordan Valley’s Chase Fillmore completed three of four passes for 146 yards and three touchdowns. Michael Babcock had five carries for 59 yards and two touchdowns. Kaden Rhead had nine carries for 47 yards and a touchdown. Wade Bond had a 74-yard kick return for a touchdown. The Antelopes got a jump start in Friday’s game, scoring 40 points in the first quarter. The Antelopes held the Locomotives to a combined -21 total yards. The Antelopes pulled in three interceptions, as well. The Antelopes got a jump start in Friday’s game, scoring 40 points in the first quarter. The Antelopes (4-1, 1-1 SD1) will host Harper on Friday. The Locomotives (1-2, 1-2 SD1) will play South Wasco County at Echo on Friday.























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