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  New exchange students enjoying the eclipse L-R: Sirilapat Surarat, Thailand; Liam Ben Bradley, Germany; Alejandro Roman Garcia, Spain; Terra Anonsiriporn, Thailand; Santiago Oviedo Sueiras, Spain; and Serena Palmieri, Switzerland  

Former foes line up as teammates


Adrian- For some in the stands, the memories go years back.

Others remember tales of jawing after a game.

Some remember the 76-0 drubbing Jordan Valley gave Adrian in a homecoming game years ago.

But for the players this season, none of the past matters. What is important is the coming together of two towns, two schools, Jordan Valley and Adrian, make up one team with a state championship goal.

As the season approached, Jordan Valley Coach Bryce Kershner saw only eight players ready to hit the field for the Mustangs.

One injury would result in the game being played short-handed.

One phone call fixed the problem.

"I just wanted to give the kids a chance to play," Kershner said. "The first call I made was to Adrian and they welcomed us immediately."

Eduardo Munoz follows the lead blocks from Kirk Eiguren and Kirkland Obendorf.

It did take some logistics and long bus rides, but Adrian and Jordan Valley now are one. And, judging from the early season games, the team will be going far.

 "They really play well together," said Kershner.

"The team has come together and the kids play as one," said Adrian Coach Billy Wortman. "This is not two teams combining, but one team playing." 

That one team mentality showed as Adrian-Jordan Valley ran away in the second to down Wallowa 52-36 on Saturday in the home opener before a crowd of Adrian and Jordan Valley fans sitting side by side in the stands.

 One thing that will need to be fixed. Because of the numbers showing up for home games, the concession stand ran out of hamburgers and bottled water by half time, a testament to the two towns supporting their athletes.

 "I think we really work well together," said Adrian senior Eduardo Munoz, a player now sharing quarter backing duties with Chase Fillmore, a Jordan Valley senior. "I am really proud of the players coming from Jordan Valley. The dedication they show making the trip over here for practice every week really shows their dedication to the game."

 Jordan valley senior tight end Kirk Eiguren said, "If we had tried to go it alone, we probably would have been 0-2 instead of 2-0. It has been amazing being on the team. We have so many weapons playing together."

Both teams add something to the combination, according to the players.

 " Jordan Valley brings some real athletes to this team," said Adrian senior Andy Walker. "We can run some plays with the people on this team now we really had not considered before."

Players from both towns admitted they heard some grumbling from alumni, those remembering the old days on the field and games from 20 years ago.

 "We just pass it off," Eiguren said. "This is our team now and we know what needs to be done."

 The Jordan Valley bus makes the trip to Adrian three times a week for practice. The teams both practice at home on Wednesdays.

 Players won't discuss what they expect from this season.

"We are taking this one game at a time," Munoz said.

After the fall season ends, Adrian and Jordan Valley will go separate ways into basketball season, competing again in the same league.

Jordan Valley ended last year's basketball season with fifth-place state finish while Adrian wrapped up the year with a third-place league standing.

Even if they face each other as opponents on a basketball court, players from both towns will have memories of this fall for a lifetime.

"We know we are doing something special this year," Eiguren said.

The combined schools will continue making history as one team as they board a bus to Powder Valley on Friday, September 15, for a non-league matchup. Game time is 7 pm.


Building of Adrian’s gym ‘looking good’

The Argus Observer

Construction on a brand new gymnasium for Adrian School District is moving along with a tentative completion date set within the next two to three months.

According to Kevin Purnell, principal of Adrian High School, the construction project, which sits at approximately $2.2 million, has been staying on budget ever since it began several months ago.

“It’s looking good,” Purnell said.

He added that despite unavoidable change orders that tend to be needed when under a large construction project

The tentative date that had been originally set for completion of the gymnasium was Aug. 1.

Construction contractor Holcomb Construction, of Nyssa, hasn’t been willing to set a firm date on completion of the gymnasium, Purnell said, but the current plan, barring any unforeseen delays, is to have bleachers installed by Dec. 1.

This photo shows the interior of Adrian School District’s new gymnasium on Friday, as tools and machines from contractors working on the project lay about the gym floor.

The bleachers can seat as many as 424 people, Purnell said, and wouldn’t get installed until the very end of the construction project, after both the baskets and hardwood flooring are installed.

The gymnasium will have space for baskets on each end of the court, along with side baskets for practice, Purnell said. The school district managed to snag a good deal from an auction of hardwood used by the former Idaho Stampede, which relocated from Boise to Salt Lake City, Utah for the 2016-17 season to become the Salt Lake City Stars.

The auction also helped Adrian School District get a deal on the end baskets for the court. In total, the purchases cost the district $30,000, Purnell said.

That’s not enough to cover the entirety of the court, however, Purnell said. The district has already found an outside company to supply the remaining 20 feet of hardwood.

To help pay for the construction project, Adrian taxpayers approved a $945,000 bond during the May 2016 election, and along with a matching grant worth $945,000 provided by the Oregon Department of Education’s School Capital Improvement Matching Program, designed to help school districts across the state acquire dollars for facility needs, the original project dollar figure of $1.9 million had been met.

Earlier this year, when the Adrian School District went out to get a construction contractor, the lowest bid from Holcomb Construction came in approximately $300,000 over budget. However, an anonymous donor, in mid-December, made a $300,000 donation to the school district in order to pay the difference.

Adrian School District teachers have taken a tour inside the new gym space as it currently stands, Purnell said.

“Everybody is excited about the gym coming into place,” Purnell said. “It’s been long overdue.”

Other than the bevy of improvements a new gymnasium would have over the existing space currently in use by Adrian school district students, it would help the school district to adhere to new state requirements that began at the beginning of this year. Those Oregon Department of Education requirements mandate the amount of time a student spends on physical education. For students in













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