Mr. Johnson

Mr. Johnson is the Business and Computer Technology teacher at Adrian High. He is also the senior project coordinator. He has been teaching for eighteen years and is in his fifteenth year at Adrian. He graduated from Northwest Nazarene University (M. Ed), Brigham Young University (Business Management) and University of Idaho (Secondary Education). His favorite team to pursue is his kids and the Adrian students in their high school sports endeavors.  Mr. J is an avid fan of BYU football and Red Sox baseball.

I entered the teaching profession many moons ago after working in the business sector.  In reflection, the decision must have been contributed to some sort of midlife crises.  In reality however, I wouldn’t trade my profession for any other occupation.  I am one individual on this square planet who can actually state I love going to work in the morning… kids are great and helps keep one youthful.

My favorite quote:
  "Children may forget what you say,
  But they will never forget how you make them feel".    
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My short term plan is pursuing an administrative position as a principal or vice-principal.  Who knows where life may take one however, life doesn’t always go as planned. Just enjoy it and live your dreams is how I view it!  In the meantime, I plan to take life a day at a time and enjoy the opportunities available.
My passions: Fishing!!....  Fall color landscape drives and exploring the back country with my wife and kids in our  CJ7 Jeep... golfing, cycling, skiing... outdoor and sports photography, river rafting, summer evenings at the barbecue with family and friends...  traveling, cooking, weekend farming, and simply spending time with my family... loving and supporting my children and my wife.


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