Mr. Mills

 Mr. Mills is the Superintendent for the Adrian School District. He is also the coach of the high school girls basketball team.


 Mr. Mills is not new to education.  He has been involved in the education profession for forty years. His experience includes employment with the Cove, Prairie City, Jordan Valley, Harper, and other school districts. These schools are all small schools and compete in the 1A division. Mr. Mills  says he likes small schools where he can work directly with the kids.

 When not involved with school patrons, students and coaching, Mr. Mills is a family man. He has been married for thirty- eight years to his wife, Joanne, who is a registered nurse. They have three grown children and seven grand children.

 His impressions of Adrian are quite favorable. He states "The kids are really hard workers, people take responsibility and support one another."

 In the limited amount of spare time he has, Mr. Mills enjoys watching movies and listening to music (he states he especially enjoys the vocal sounds of Emma Lou Harris). His hobbies include hunting, fishing, traveling, coaching, and exercising. 

 Mr. Mills favorite quotes:  
  "When you come to a fork in the road, take it!"

" It isn't what you do, its how you do it!"