Mr. Purnell wears many hats at Adrian High School. He is the high school principal, counselor. and American Government teacher. He enjoys all sports and involved in coaching at the school as the assistant boys basketball coach and head baseball coach. He also coaches the middle school girls volleyball team. As busy as he is, his office is always open.  


  Mr. Purnell was born on April 3, 1962 in Portland, Oregon. He graduated from Roosevelt High School, and attended Judson Baptist College, where he was a four-year letterman in both soccer and baseball. He earned his bachelor's degree from Judson, and his master's degree from Oregon State University. His first teaching experience was at Mt. Hood Christian School, where he taught 3rd-12th grade PE and 7th-10th grade Bible, history, and mathematics for five years. For 18 years, Mr. Purnell worked at Prairie City School, where he taught a variety of subjects such as math, social studies, and computers. He received his education in administration from Lewis and Clark College, and spent two years as the principal/dean of students, and four years as the superintendent/principal. In his second year as principal/counselor in Adrian, Mr. Purnell has been active coaching JV boys basketball, varsity baseball, and Jr. High volleyball.

Family is very important to Mr. Purnell. He and his wife, Heidi, have been married for over twenty years. They have four children: McKenzie, Blake, Madison, and Kenny.

When he's not busy with school activities, sports events, or family, Mr. Purnell enjoys hunting and fishing. "Wizard of Oz", "Hoosiers," and "Field of Dreams" are his favorite movies. As far as food goes, he prefers Cap'n Crunch for breakfast, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with milk and cookies for lunch, chicken enchiladas or tacos for dinner, and his wife's French Silk Pie for dessert.

What influenced his decision to become an administrator? Mr. Purnell states "I decided to become a teacher because I enjoy working with kids. I decided to go into administration because there was a need at my previous school and I was asked to pursue that course to teach and administer."


If what you did yesterday seems big,
you haven't done anything today."
-Lou Holtz
[Mr. Purnell's favorite quote]





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