The K-8 Principal



The K-8 Principal

One of our past quotes says, “The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue.”  When students get in trouble for words that hurt others this is a good quote.  Our students are in a time to learn how to interact with others without hurting feelings.  In our MASTER TEACHER     learning this week it says, “I see it differently” is a better response than “you’re wrong”.  Sometimes it is hard to see the progress but our students are improving in how they treat each other.  There are set backs but we can still see progress.  I saw my two year old grandson standing in front of the mirror.  He was pointing with out stretched hand and saying firmly, “No, no, no.” We will have to work on more than that.  When his twin sister is doing something wrong he is often the first one to say, “No, no, no!”  Marva Collins said, “An error means a child needs help, not a reprimand or ridicule for doing something wrong.”

We talk a lot about respect in school.  It is easy to respect someone who respects you.  It is harder to respect someone who does not respect others but the Navy Seal Admiral says we need to respect      everyone.  Sounds good to me.  I keep working on that one. We will all keep working on it. 

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